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“Supporting the victims is an act of humanity and solidarity!”

Wolfgang Thierse, Vice President of the Federal Parliament

Anyone can be the victim of right-wing violence
Extreme right-wing violence is unfortunately a fact of everyday life in Germany. Immigrants, the homeless, young people who look different, the disabled are among the random targets of the hatred and violence of far right. They are verbally abused, chased, punched, kicked, sexually harassed and subject to violence on a daily basis.

Taking a stand against right-wing violence
The victim of extreme right-wing violence is often left on his or her own to deal with the consequences of the attack he or she has suffered. The victim suffers both the physical injuries and psychological trauma that arise from the assault and lives in the knowledge that such an assault could happen again at any time. In many cases, the victim does not have the money to pay for medical treatment or for the costs of hiring a lawyer to take legal action. These people need help. This help includes medical and psychological care and most certainly financial support.

“The CURA Victim Support Fund (Opferfonds CURA) provides instant assistance to the victims of extreme right-wing violence and their families”. (Ursula Kinkel, founder of CURA)

The Fund offers support to all victims of extremist, racist or anti-Semitic violence, whether those victims are migrants or from migrant families, homeless, disabled, young people or others. The sort of assistance provided includes:

Medical treatment that is not covered by health insurance (particularly for refugees),
Rehabilitation following an assault (i.e. psychological counselling),
Paying legal costs and other costs which may arise following an assault,
Financial emergencies,
Repairing property damaged by physical attacks.

Written applications are continuously evaluated and decided.

Don’t ignore the victims of right-wing violence
Supporting the victims of right-wing violence is a practical way of speaking out against violence and in favour of a democratic society.

Help for the victims

If you are a victim of extremist violence, you can obtain professional help from our partners and from the specialist advice centres for victims of extremist violence.
Our partners offer help, support and advice to victims and their families. They help victims find good therapy and counselling services, provide assistance in seeking legal redress such as claims for financial damages and other entitlements. The advice centres support victims in day-to-day tasks like dealing with public authorities and by working with them on adjusting to life after the assault. There are officials responsible for migration, refugees and integration at all administrative levels of the German system (national, regional, district and municipal). You may contact such a person who can offer help and advice in individual cases.

Support offered by the CURA Victim Support Fund

To receive financial support from the CURA Victim Support Fund, contact one of our local partners or apply directly to the CURA Victim Support Fund.

There are no forms to fill in when applying for financial support from CURA. Applications should be in writing and should include a description of the assault:

  • What were the circumstances in which the assault took place?
  • What exactly happened?
  • Who is/are the victim(s)?
  • Who is/are the perpetrator(s)?
  • Has the assault been reported to the police?
  • What are the victim’s injuries?
  • What is the victim’s physical and psychological condition?
  • Was any material damage caused?
  • For what specific purpose is financial support required?

A brief description of the police investigation and legal prosecution of the assault as well as details of any witnesses is also helpful. Has there been any public reaction to the assault?

Send your signed application, including details of your bank account to:

Opferfonds CURA der Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
Linienstr. 139
10115 Berlin

Give direct support to the victims of right-wing violence by making a donation!

The Fund relies on donations from committed people. Donations go straight to the victims, showing them that they are not alone. A donation of any amount helps.

Account for donations:
Opferfonds CURA der Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
Deutsche Bank Bensheim
Konto (account): 030 331 331
BLZ (sort code): 509 700 04

For international donations:
IBAN: DE 91 5097 0004 0030 3313 31

Donations to the CURA Victim Support Fund are tax deductible. Up to an amount of 50 € you can use the deposit slip as a receipt for your tax declaration. For higher amounts, we will send you a donation receipt. In that case, please indicate your address on your remittance.

The Amadeu Antonio Foundation accounts for all donations in a professional, transparent and responsible manner. Donations are paid out by the Foundation Executive Board. The independent Council of the Foundation oversees all such expenditure. The accounts are audited by H.-F. Breiler & H.-J. Schnabl OHG. The Foundation does not pay any premiums, commissions or bonuses to agents or intermediaries for donations received. Please contact the Foundation at any time with any questions you may have about how donations are spent.


Todesopfer rechter Gewalt seit 1990 - wir erinnern an...

Todesopfer rechter Gewalt seit 1990

In Deutschland wurden seit dem Wendejahr 1990 mindestens 193 Menschen Opfer rechtsextremer oder rassistischer Gewalt. Informationen über die Problematik der offiziellen Statistik und die komplette Liste der Todesfälle finden Sie hier.


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Opferfonds CURA der Amadeu Antonio Stiftung
GLS Bank Bochum
IBAN: DE75 4306 0967 6005 0000 02


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